Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anna Tsuchiya: MY WAY

I REALLY love Anna Tsuchiya. I watch Kamikaze Girls as a religion. My favorite song by her is "Rose" and "Addicted". I think she's SO beautiful too. The look above is one i really admire, tho she is very versatile. Her facial expression and posture made this look even cuter to me lol. So anyways the look I did below is a little less edgy and more goth lola.

The white skirt is actually a vintage dress. The sweater and tights are from Wal-mart (if you can believe) and the shoe are from Charlotte Russe.
I paired it with a leather Jacket and my Xtra Hightop Converse later that night when it was colder. (Don't have pictures tho sorry)


Anonymous said...

wow those r awesome pics of u. love the photographer

Doc Martens Boots said...

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