Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finals Pre Critic

Dvd Portfolio:
So far I've only done my DVD theme. It seems scary.......and I'm not excited to use it...

Digital Portfolio:
This part was easy as the compressor finished I used the magnifying glass symbol to go straight to my file. Using the compressor can get really confusing and I wish I had used it more and gotten use to it better.
Once it stopped completely and had to restart.
If you don't label clearly you could end up compressing the same thing twice (which I did because I had things labeled simply 'final' 'last cut')

Web Portfolio:
So far using Vimeo and Youtube is easy. I want to use Behance, but it scares me and I honestly don't feel like my work is good enough yet for it.

*Note I was absent last week because of family reasons and my ride had to return without me.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fellowship/Internship Assignment

FELLOWSHIP: For the fellowship assignment I needed to brainstorm what I want to do as an artist, film and fine arts. I am interested in experimentation and pushing the bars on what skills go into film beside directing and working a camera. I want to find ways to truly integrate the hand skills from fine arts and put them to work in film.

A common example is the artistry that when into making Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. The art, set, costume, and make-up directors used a variety of processes to get the authentic and eye catching finish product, like when creating certain weapons and armor they used an old metals casting process done by highly trained blacksmiths.

My artistic goal if I got this fellowship would be to learn various techniques in fine art/craft and gain a proficient historical understanding of my environment.
This will then translate into my professional goal, which is to be able to create quality, realistic, visuals in films I produce. This understanding can then be manipulated to problem solve in the future.

In Europe, I would like to specifically focus on Viking history. I would like to stay in Norway and get an understanding of their history, government, social ideals and community, art, clothing, etc. I would get footage, photographs, and a wide selection of Viking history.

  • Werehaus Productions- This company interests me because of their commitment to underground culture, including sports like surfing, skateboarding, and BMX, graffiti, music, and fashion. They use documentarian styled commercials and create a very personal feel in their beautifully high quality videos. The style is how I would like my work to look and feel, while the subject matter are aspects I would deal with if I had a production company.
  • 40 Acres and a Mule- Spike Lee is a groundbreaking African American artist. He deals with every aspect of his production company as well as has been in front and behind the camera. He has always gotten great feedback from actors he has worked with, which is important to me because I want to learn how to have strong relationships with my actors to help create strong films. He also has created documentaries with hard hitting facts and inspiring images.
  • Biz Bash Magazine- This magazine gives in-depth reviews on high and large scale events. From HBO premieres to the Superbowl, Biz Bash recognizes everything from who produced these events to where the decor is from. They deal with who does business, marketing, and PR for large companies.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Narrative One

Theme: {Prince saves a damsel in distress} Trying to "save" someone you love when they may not need your help and need to become their own hero.

A damsel learns to become her own hero.

Act One: Opens with main character just getting out of a quarrel with a guy she has just accused of chauvinistic actions. She gets stopped by her best friend who pulls her away and tells her she's over reacting. He guy goes back to his girlfriend frustrated and walks off. They're friendship is established and the history of both girls. Main character who comes from a single parent home with her mom who goes through one abusive boyfriend to another.
And character two who's father is in and out of jail and lives with her grandmother.

Act Two: The boyfriend of character two is introduced. He thinks that being a man gives him power of her. She doesn't have confidence around him. And with every verbal attack you can see her get her feeling hurt over and over again.
When they group goes out Character One tries to intervene without being overbearing, but with out character two to back her up, she gets ignored by the boyfriend. But his final comment causes a heated argument between character one and the boyfriend.
When character two pulls Ch. one aside to tell her to say out of her relationship Ch. One explains that she doesnt want to see her hurt anymore and cant understand why she would rather be with him.

Act Three: Character two goes home with her boyfriend. She's contemplating her relationship and words from Ch. One. She listens to her boyfriends same rude and hurtful comments. With her head down, she makes a rude comment back. He pauses, thinks of something worst to say, she combats him again. He raises his voice and tries to put her in her place. She looks him in the eyes, grabs her bag, and walks out. He stands at the door yelling, calling her names, etc. When she gets in her car he comes to the window. The boyfriend tries to apologies. She looks at him again and simply replies, "No more."

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Post Critique

Skill that needs to be worked on. After viewing the footage below I realized I want to develop in multiple areas, including story an character development, relationship with actors, and lighting. The area I feel extremely weak in is organization on set, with shots and master shots, unexpected problems, what's in the frame, and be more in control.

Self Critique

During project two I wanted to deal with emotion through horror. Our class picked a strategy from a list and executed it as we felt best. My process is 'waiting'.

I am hoping that my audience actually feels fear, worry, anger, and anxiety.

I want to become great at getting viewers to feel emotions through all the forms of art that i work with. I feel that taping into my audiences consciences will always be the key to hooking them in.
I wanted to focus more on the process of whats behind a door. I wanted someone walking up steps and trying to force the door to the room open, but during filming i spent a lot of time working on my helps acting. The piece ended up being more about her. And after I finished editing it was apparent that waiting was more of the theme.

Main tension/conflict: be specific, look for this element in all genres of film. Strengths of the film.

I think the films strong points are lighting and editing.

I want to learn how to be more organized on the set, help my actors, and manage a team.
Also I want to be able to be more creative when problem solving.

Waiting from Presius Marie on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

THIS IS THE COOLEST FIND!!! Its a blog by Nick Jr.'s Yo! Gabba Gabba team!!!
All the behind the scene stuff from filming to planning, all the funny backstage stuff and the special guest! and EVEN DJ LANCE!!!
I would LOVE to work with them!
click the picture or link below.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Memphis Symphony Orchestra

This is a small promotional video I just completed for Memphis Symphony Orchestra. I did videography work for them over the summer. They hosted their first bi-annual Conductors Competition in July. I was very excited to be apart of the team. I got to be onstage, learning about conducting and feeling the music as the orchestra played.

Memphis Symphony Orchestra