Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finals Pre Critic

Dvd Portfolio:
So far I've only done my DVD theme. It seems scary.......and I'm not excited to use it...

Digital Portfolio:
This part was easy as the compressor finished I used the magnifying glass symbol to go straight to my file. Using the compressor can get really confusing and I wish I had used it more and gotten use to it better.
Once it stopped completely and had to restart.
If you don't label clearly you could end up compressing the same thing twice (which I did because I had things labeled simply 'final' 'last cut')

Web Portfolio:
So far using Vimeo and Youtube is easy. I want to use Behance, but it scares me and I honestly don't feel like my work is good enough yet for it.

*Note I was absent last week because of family reasons and my ride had to return without me.