Monday, October 10, 2011

Fellowship/Internship Assignment

FELLOWSHIP: For the fellowship assignment I needed to brainstorm what I want to do as an artist, film and fine arts. I am interested in experimentation and pushing the bars on what skills go into film beside directing and working a camera. I want to find ways to truly integrate the hand skills from fine arts and put them to work in film.

A common example is the artistry that when into making Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. The art, set, costume, and make-up directors used a variety of processes to get the authentic and eye catching finish product, like when creating certain weapons and armor they used an old metals casting process done by highly trained blacksmiths.

My artistic goal if I got this fellowship would be to learn various techniques in fine art/craft and gain a proficient historical understanding of my environment.
This will then translate into my professional goal, which is to be able to create quality, realistic, visuals in films I produce. This understanding can then be manipulated to problem solve in the future.

In Europe, I would like to specifically focus on Viking history. I would like to stay in Norway and get an understanding of their history, government, social ideals and community, art, clothing, etc. I would get footage, photographs, and a wide selection of Viking history.

  • Werehaus Productions- This company interests me because of their commitment to underground culture, including sports like surfing, skateboarding, and BMX, graffiti, music, and fashion. They use documentarian styled commercials and create a very personal feel in their beautifully high quality videos. The style is how I would like my work to look and feel, while the subject matter are aspects I would deal with if I had a production company.
  • 40 Acres and a Mule- Spike Lee is a groundbreaking African American artist. He deals with every aspect of his production company as well as has been in front and behind the camera. He has always gotten great feedback from actors he has worked with, which is important to me because I want to learn how to have strong relationships with my actors to help create strong films. He also has created documentaries with hard hitting facts and inspiring images.
  • Biz Bash Magazine- This magazine gives in-depth reviews on high and large scale events. From HBO premieres to the Superbowl, Biz Bash recognizes everything from who produced these events to where the decor is from. They deal with who does business, marketing, and PR for large companies.


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