Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Narrative One

Theme: {Prince saves a damsel in distress} Trying to "save" someone you love when they may not need your help and need to become their own hero.

A damsel learns to become her own hero.

Act One: Opens with main character just getting out of a quarrel with a guy she has just accused of chauvinistic actions. She gets stopped by her best friend who pulls her away and tells her she's over reacting. He guy goes back to his girlfriend frustrated and walks off. They're friendship is established and the history of both girls. Main character who comes from a single parent home with her mom who goes through one abusive boyfriend to another.
And character two who's father is in and out of jail and lives with her grandmother.

Act Two: The boyfriend of character two is introduced. He thinks that being a man gives him power of her. She doesn't have confidence around him. And with every verbal attack you can see her get her feeling hurt over and over again.
When they group goes out Character One tries to intervene without being overbearing, but with out character two to back her up, she gets ignored by the boyfriend. But his final comment causes a heated argument between character one and the boyfriend.
When character two pulls Ch. one aside to tell her to say out of her relationship Ch. One explains that she doesnt want to see her hurt anymore and cant understand why she would rather be with him.

Act Three: Character two goes home with her boyfriend. She's contemplating her relationship and words from Ch. One. She listens to her boyfriends same rude and hurtful comments. With her head down, she makes a rude comment back. He pauses, thinks of something worst to say, she combats him again. He raises his voice and tries to put her in her place. She looks him in the eyes, grabs her bag, and walks out. He stands at the door yelling, calling her names, etc. When she gets in her car he comes to the window. The boyfriend tries to apologies. She looks at him again and simply replies, "No more."


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