Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Self Critique

During project two I wanted to deal with emotion through horror. Our class picked a strategy from a list and executed it as we felt best. My process is 'waiting'.

I am hoping that my audience actually feels fear, worry, anger, and anxiety.

I want to become great at getting viewers to feel emotions through all the forms of art that i work with. I feel that taping into my audiences consciences will always be the key to hooking them in.
I wanted to focus more on the process of whats behind a door. I wanted someone walking up steps and trying to force the door to the room open, but during filming i spent a lot of time working on my helps acting. The piece ended up being more about her. And after I finished editing it was apparent that waiting was more of the theme.

Main tension/conflict: be specific, look for this element in all genres of film. Strengths of the film.

I think the films strong points are lighting and editing.

I want to learn how to be more organized on the set, help my actors, and manage a team.
Also I want to be able to be more creative when problem solving.

Waiting from Presius Marie on Vimeo.