Monday, March 22, 2010

San Francisco: Counting Down The Last Hours

So we went on another adventure. Back to Ashbury to shop...however the things I bought I cant show you because they were lost, or pick-pocketed...or something... I'm STILL fucking mad!!! They're was a corset and a sun dress in there...
Anyways so we found somewhere to party in San Francisco! Industrial party called MEAT at a joint called the DNA Lounge. (here's my outfit). It was pretty damn tight! Khalifa and I danced on the chain platform for awhile. Meet some cool people before going outside to meet more cool people. Starting with Daniel of Pan Demon.
The Jacket: Rampage (consignment)
Shirt: Bebe

This is Daniel of Pan Demon !!!
Us in his studio and hanging with their family

My best wishes to Lady Danny. Something about you, I see success, but your going to have to fight tooth and nail. You have a beautiful soul.
I hate that I didn't get a picture of Meat Hook, aka Lance and Jackel. Both them were cool ass people as well.
Lance said some really important things that I needed to hear. He talked about just taking a chance and working your way up and that friend are the most important thing he had.
My friends and I have nothing to lose, especially Kaitlin, Erv and I. We know our futures are where we are.

Earlier that day...
Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Shirt (Liza) ^_^
Amazing musician inside the subway.