Monday, March 15, 2010

San Francisco: Day One

2wo day starts with Khalifa and I jumping out of bed to get ready. We forgot to move the clock forward. But the group took the trolley and then walked to the MoMA San Francisco. There we followed a cool looking guy for Khalifa's photography project. We went to eat and played at this monument by Keith Harring.
FI was really excited to see this statue by Jeff Koons. We learned about this in Art History. Which made seeing this cooler (because I don't like this piece).

More of the MoMA


Fashionista: Mariana Garcia

These chicks outfit were AWESOME! After I left Arkansas I can't find fashionable people. Memphis doesn't know rats ASS about fashion sadly!!! Ricky (the cool ass local) took us over to a great ass Chinese restaurant. Then chilled with us for the night. Hanging out was just the shit today!!!


Rai said...

that stripy dress in the second-to-last photo is gorgeous.