Wednesday, March 17, 2010

San Francisco: Day Two (FASHION)

This is our adventure that we took away from everyone today. We planned a day of shopping. Starting in the downtown fashion district and moving to Japan town and then over to Fillmore street (where we saw a car crash...). I went to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Black Peace Now and almost had a heart attack!!! I wanted everything! The person working was highly cute and super nice (pic 4)! and on our way back we ran into a punky quirky artist named Anja Flower(pic 2).

We walked SOOO far today, especially on Fillmore. We were excited to go to the Goodwill, which seems silly, but in Memphis, since the people dont have style there's normally nothing ever to buy. And on the way out came in a classy dressed young man (pic 1). We even went to a great consignment shop where they donate 5 cents when you dont use plastic bags.

(bottom pics are random street art)


Anja Flower said...

Hey now, I'm only ONE flower, not a bouquet! Anja Flower. And my site is . And stuff.

Also, the guy who works at Baby has been in Cure magazine, and ohmygoodness you havent seen the half of it. Some of his outfits set my brain to stun mode. Pretty speshul stuff.

Final comment: for amazing Eccentric Old Lady fashion, visit my friend, the queen of Eccentric Old Lady Fashionistas, Kati Koós at her shop. 500 Sutter St. at Powell, right near Union Square, and if you come in tomorrow, Thursday, between 4:45 or so and 5:30 (closing time), you'll probably catch me behind the desk! Kati's always dressed in something amazing.

Anja Flower said...

Eeek! I meant today, Wednesday! Aaaanyway.