Monday, April 12, 2010

My Version...

This outfit is sooo CUTE ^_^ !!! if i could wear that same outfit i would, but im working with NO budget and what i have (which is how my life has just about always been with fashion) NEVER forget that with a little creativity and imagination you can wear your favorite outfits with what you got!!! FUCK FASHION!!!


Anonymous said...

:D this looks great!
i second the sentiment about creativity and imagination.

Anonymous said...

i came across this blog because i was googling fashion blogs and i dont want to sound mean, but you sound like an absolute hypocrite! you say "fuck fashion" and yet you have a lookbook-esque fashion BLOG! granted you did a creative job re-inventing this outfit, but you kind of bash yourself by what you say about the outfit and much of what you say throughout your blog. I think you have a lot of potential as a fashionista, but the way you pair your words with the images just kind of slide and clash. For example the very top of your blog where you say fuck a fashion lookbook ignoring the trends....isnt this image basically mimicking an image from a lookbook aka fashion mag? Think about it.