Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fuck Fashion Renewal

I have a comment somewhere on here from a viewer about the old title on my blog VS. the things I post. He or she called me a hypocrite, cool with me, but they should have spent that time writing a letter to the White House.

I don’t have plans on taking it down the comment at all: Freedom of Speech. I can handle criticism (I go to art school).

I only understand Jane/John Doe's statement to a certain extent. "Fuck Fashion" is sarcasm and this IS a look-book. It’s a collection of things I find to be artistic, over the top, interesting, or even useless in fashion. The things I post may sometimes are "in style" or trendy, but coming from my background of personal style, most of these blogs only know what they see in magazines and runways. I've already seen most of this on the streets or on street fashion websites years ago. The fashion industry would be NOTHING without the creative street fashionistas/os.

Anyways, I'm changing my blog a little. I want to show my progression as an artist and aspiring style/art icon.

I want you to know now, I post things I can't afford on here. I have no money, family has always struggled. I learned to be stylish by HAVING to make do. Goodwill's, hand-me-downs, had to find a way to mimic the things I was inspired by when I was younger, including Japanese bands, and high fashion designers.

I'm not complaining either. I'm just showing the "other" crowd that not all these blog writers are actually all rich, daddy's girls. Some of us really are struggling but still giving it all we got.

As you all continue to follow this check out new colleges I look at, new art styles and personal styles I'm trying. My hopes is that you'll start to hear bout me in due time.



Rai said...

I'm sorry someone wrote nasty things to you (even if you aren't bothered it's never nice) it's completely up to you what you write and post, it's not their blog! Anyway, I adore your posts and wish you updated more often x