Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey Nana...

Ai Yazawa's NANA is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite anime series. The whole plot can get a little carried away in romance and emotions, but in this series was at least ONE thing a person could relate to. Yazawa didn't over do it to the point where people couldn't relate.
I related a lot to this series. Different feeling and scenarios in the manga/show come close to drama in my real life. So it was really touching.

My favorite thing about Yazawa's NANA, is her keen eye for trends. In the manga, there was a lot of attention to detail, from the furniture, clothes and even characters lighters, things any teen reading/watching this would be gaga over. And with all the fashion, there was a LOT of Vivienne Westwood! ^_^

Oosaki Nana and Shin were my favorite characters. And Mika Nakashima was the perfect actress for Oosaki Nana's part. (However I don't like the movie as much as manga/show)