Friday, August 6, 2010

ok so i gave up trying to get the official Little Rock Fashion Week pictures.
annnnyyy who...
life update
i'm still broke. I may get this job at Rodgers Jewelry, but i have to get cleared through their human resources department.
But if i do i'll FINALLY have a job, and a upscale one at that ^_^

I'm helping a friend throw a fashion show in September. It's also a fundraiser for single mothers.
We have been stupid busy. This business is hard -_- but it will be rewarding @ the end. i'm learning a lot.
***my goal in life is to keep a strong head about what i wanna be in life, no matter WHAT is going on. so what i'm broke, so what i have no car, so what i'm young.

Also my same friend got me hooked up with a gallery/lounge manager. My art will be presented friday downtown Little Rock!

Oh and i vowed to become more girly and fab....(i'm looking for a new stylish word beside glam fab and fierce....)
its been great. i packed up the baggy jeans and a lot of tshirts. this all may seem silly to someone else, but means a lot to me.
RuPaul said something along the lines of 'you dont have to sacrifice your beauty to make other people feel good about themselves.' and he is SOOO right. i've always done that, but NO more!

Being 20 feels better than i though it would!