Friday, August 13, 2010

Paint the Roses Red...

SO i did an interview with St. Louis indie artist Teresa Jenee.
I downloaded an free sample of her work awhile back and have been in love with it ever since!

Here's the interview. Hope you all like it. Thanks again Teresa!

How and/or when, did you find that music was for you? And then when did you decide you wanted this as a career?

I didnt discover it. Hell, I never had a choice! Being in a musical family with both parents being singers and musicians, you kind of just step into your role.

How long did it take you to complete this album?

It took me 3 years to finish this album. Between finishing school, being broke, and all the personal drama I wasn't able to come out when I wanted to…

How do you feel about it?

It was all for the best. Though I was frustrated and couldn't see it then, I had to admit later on in life that I just wasnt ready. Plain and simple.

What did you want to convey about you, or your views (etc) on this album?

I want people to escape when they hear my music. I want to take them out of their daily drama...take them to a higher level.

Who helped you? Any "Shout-Outs"? Lol

I would shout out the production team(s) behind my album: Blake Symphony is my "go-to" producer. Outside of him, theres the Urban Legendz a team from STL by way of NYC. Oh, and my homie Wildmann who is an AMAZING musician, singer, producer.

-"Freedom" and "Dance Wit Me" are my favorite. And "Freedom" already has a video. What was the inspiration behind that song and video?

"Freedom" was a concept put together by myself and the wonderful gentleman of Flying Fish Productions. It was centered around this desire to shed the boundaries of life. Being tired of the mundane...needing something different...something more. The video is more than playing dress up for me, its about identity, stereotypes...the Freedom to be as you are.

I must say that that song is like you read my mind, especially right now in my life. I could only imagine, artist to artist, that if you reach someone you've done your 'job' right?

Of course. Some of these songs come to me through prayer, while others...imagination, but they all touch me the same. My labor would be in vain if the masses couldn't be uplifted by these words.

Which song is your favorite? Why?

My fave is "Suicide Revenge" also know as "Pushin". It was written in a living room as I was recording. I was going through alot personally...I felt like God was trying to comfort me at that time. It was the way in which the words flowed to my mind...I knew the song was meant to be.

What are you future plans? You getting a lot of recognition already.

Release another 2 albums, hopefully I can get a Grammy! Launch my label officially, produce other artists, act in a movie or plans go on and on...

Any final statements?

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