Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tyler Murphy...

Tyler Murphy:


How/when did you become interested in fashion?


I have always considered my self to be quite fashionable, i had a phase, as everyone does, where they follow trendy fashions, in middle school, but I have always looked on blogs, and always had a handy fashion magazine to catch my eye since I was little

SK3X:What magazine are you draw to?


at first I loved GQ, but i feel that it teaches men how to dress nicely, but not how to push fashion, and to dress differently, and to try new things, so I now am quite a fan of W, even though it is a womens magazine, i like the fact that it takes what I believe to be an artistic, more creative approach to fashion, that does push the limit.


I know your an art student. Do you think your fashion and your art relate much or not really?


um, i dont know if fashion influences my art, but i do think that art influences my fashion, both are dark in color, and mix a sense of structure with relaxation of design, but i dont know if they are directly connected

SK3X:I can see that a lot. Do you think that fashion has "helped" you in your life?


absolutely, i think it has given me confidence that i lacked as a child, i think it gave me something other than art to live, and a way to show myself in a different way, i think that it gave me a signature, something to be known for

SK3X:I can agree completely!

So who's your favorite designer, and your favorite style icon?


favorite designer, that has to be i would say prada, or gucci, it sounds cliche, but i love the way they fit their clothing, i dont think i could ever wear an entire outfit by either designer, gucci uses too much color for me, and prada is sometimes too classic, but i think that in terms of making clothes, and still adding a layer of creativity, they are amazing

SK3X:and style icon?


and as far as a style icon goes, i dont know that i admire anyone, in terms of a celebrity, but i have always looked up to my mother in terms of style, i think we have a lot in common, the fact that both of our wardrobes are lacking color, and that we wear both fitted and seemingly oversized clothing

plus i used to secretly wear her heels, when she wasnt looking that is


SK3X:Cute! Now give me the DONT's of Mens Fashion.


donts on mens fashion :

dont shop at any store that styles you from head to thought, without your own touch, stores like abercrombie, hollister, fashion is about thought, you have to create your own

dont claim that you dont care about fashion, everyone cares about looking their best, have pride in yourself and how you look

dont get stuck in trends

dont wear things that dont fit properly, there is nothing like a well tailored suit or even a nicely fitted shirt that looks better on a man

dont wear ugly printed shirts, and never wear sweats or basketball shorts in public

SK3X: Haha and the Do's?


mens dos:

do push the envelop, even men can dress well, and differently, in fact they should

do know what colors look good on you, and what types of clothing flatter your body, even men have to think of what flatters their body types

do think about your style, putting thought into what you chose to wear everyday says a lot about your confidence,

do mix vintage and modern clothing, better yet, mix everything, make your own style, in fact style is something that cannot be bought

i guess thats about it

SK3X:Give me a statement, about fashion/style, men, men's fashion, a middle finger to the fashion industry. Haha whatever you want.


men need not be afraid of fashion, its not just for women, in a perfect world they would know that from birth, push the envelop if you do nothing else in life

need not be afraid*

SK3X: Agreed again. Thanks Tyler Murphy ^_^


no problem chica, thanks so much

this was super fun