Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Digital Cinema One: Assignment Two

Ok so this project needed a bit more planning than I thought. At first since the project was so open I was confused. But in the end I found a way to make my initial idea work with a given strategy.

Activity as a Gradual Process:
My process is opening a door. But I want to build suspense, fear, and panic in the viewer. To do this I want to use a very dark room with one door.
Shots: Use many "close up" shots and one "over the shoulder" shot after an "establishing" shot.
Equipment: Lights, Light stand, Tripod, Small Reflector

The storyboard above shows my actor in panic and fear in a dark room. between each transition there will be sounds of walking that lead to the opening of the door where she is hiding. the sounds are representing the actual process of the door getting opened.