Monday, August 31, 2009


Sharing styles is very common. No one can have a 100% new look now a days because so much has been done over the centuries. But when you finally have mastered your own look, nothing can piss you off more than a BAD imitation.

Most people don’t know, or understand, that a lot of mainstream ideas, including fashion, music and movies, come from the people of "the underground". From singers to artist, the creativity from "the underground" fuels mainstream media. Some art gets bought or fairly traded off. Others sadly get stolen.
However I have NO problem with exposing thieves. Take Cassie for example. A girl who wanted "Rock Star Status"(her words not mine) and then cut HALF of her long hair off. Talks about trying TOO hard. Then goes on to take underground singer, Jack Davey of J*Davey's whole style and tops it with the COMPLETE hairdo.
J*Davey is an alternative electro hip hop duo. Mixing unique styles and music create a league all their own. Cassie basically says online that she's responsible for her style growth, but I don’t think so. She's not off the hook!